Saturday, June 4, 2011


We’re gearing up for the second part of our Detroit Brew Tour. Detroit is a great beer city, and it’s a beautiful summer-like day out, full of humidity (typical) and sunshine (a rare treat). Part one of this tour happened a few months ago, but our plan of moderation (and an early flight) prevented us from completing the Detroit craft brewing circuit.

Like any athletic pursuit, a proper beer tour requires some warming up. On Tuesday, we sampled beers at Blue Tractor in Ann Arbor. Wednesday was Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids. On Thursday we grabbed a pint at Liberty Street Brewing in Plymouth. And then Friday we stopped into the WAB in Fashionable Ferndale.

On my high school lacrosse team, we were told to focus only on the very next game. Everything else was just a distraction. Except we were also focused on beating Rice, no matter when that game was. Somehow both of these things were possible. This week, we gave each brewery our full attention, but we were also focused on Saturday Beer Day. Somehow it is possible that I am trying to make this way, way more interesting than it really is. I think it’s time for a beer.