Sunday, August 15, 2010

Michigan: Michigan Brewing Company (Webberville)

I met my friend Katie for lunch at Michigan Brewing Company’s Webberville location, which includes a brewery, a pub, a local beer store, and “Things Beer,” a brewing supply shop. One stop shopping. The beer was good, the food was good, and the service was exactly what I expected. I went to school not too far from here, went out to eat every now and again, and the lack of formality brought back memories. It’s the kind of atmosphere where your waitress might yell over to the bartender about last night’s party at the busboy’s, while you’re giving your order. God bless you, rural Michigan.

MBC offers two different kinds of beer: MBC beer and Celis. Celis is a brand of Belgian-style beer that MBC bought and now brews. For samplers, you can get either an 8-beer or a 16-. At 3 oz. each, I figured the 8 at least gave me a fighting chance of getting home. The sampler itself was one of the best parts of my lunch. It came out on a two-tiered board with individual nameplates for each beer. Katie suggested it might be used for a game show, but I think it looks more like 8 beery choir members, or a showcase for delicious trophies. Anyway, I can’t tell you what a difference this makes over having 8 beers dropped down in front of you while the bartender mumbles the names, possibly in the right order.

MBC has been around for 4 years. Bartender told me they had moved recently, that they used to be located a little closer to the freeway. I don’t know how that would be possible; you can practically feel the semis rumble down I-96 from the dining room. This bar is bright and clean, and there’s a nice deck outside. However, as it was eyeball-meltingly hot today, I opted for a table inside.

Lastly, I owe Katie a shout-out. Anyone who drops everything (including their 2-year-old) at a moment’s notice and drives 45 minutes to buy you lunch deserves a special thanks.

Celis White. Cloudly, looks like white grape juice. Very light taste but spicy, goes down easy. Nothing objectionable about this beer.

Grand Cru. Clearer and a little heavier than the White, but similar spicy flavor.

Nut Brown. Sweet, not too malty. The nutty flavor that eventually presents itself on the back end is almost a peanut shell taste. I like it, though.

Mai Bock. Bartender recommendation, but I was not a huge fan. Tastes like a bock. Nothing special.

Pale Ale, IPA. Both pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary.

Imperial Ale
. Fantastic. I think this is their best offering. Sweeter than the IPA, pleasantly hoppy.

Barley Wine
. Sweet, as you’d expect. Deserty. But delicious.

. This is the Kid Rock beer. I didn’t catch what his connection to the brewery was, but I know he lives (lived?) not too far from here, in Ortonville. The beer is a light American lager. It’s not bad, though Bartender was reluctant to even serve it. It is exactly what it says it is: light beer. Has a nice bread flavor, though. Not terrible. One of the other patrons told me it was his favorite beer here. He added that he usually drinks Bud Light, and this was the closest thing to that. So . . . go drink Bud Light, right? Bud Light is not beer of Kid Rock, I guess.

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